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Elfos oscuros
« en: 28 de Junio de 2008, 13:51:24 »
Creia que ya lo sabiais pero os copio lo que yo se de elfos oscuros:

th Edition Dark Elves

Army Specific:

Eternal Hatred: Dark Elves hate everyone. Against High Elves this hatred continues in subsequent rounds of combat.

Khainite: Non-Khainite characters are unable to join Khainite units. Khainite characters are free to join non-Khainite units however. (Replaces Sect enmity)

Repeater Crossbows: 24" range, 2x multiple shots, Strength 3, Armour Piercing

Repeater Handbows: 8? range, 2x Multiple shots, Strength 3. May always stand and shoot, no modifiers for long range or moving. Can take 2 for 4x multiple shots.


Dark Elf Sorceresses are able to use Dark Magic or Lores of Shadow , Death , Fire and Metal .

Dark Elf Sorceresses no longer gain +1 to cast .

Dark Elf Sorceresses can use unlimited number of power dice to cast a spell.

Dark Magic:

*FREE SPELL* 4+ to cast, generates D3+1 Power Dice that can only be used by caster. Any dice unused cause Strength 4 hit on the caster.

1 ? Chillwind 5+ D6 Strength 4 hits. Any casualties prevent shooting.
2- Doombolt 6+ D6 Strength 5 hits.
3 ? Word of Pain 8+ Same as current
4 ? Blade wind 8+ 3D6 WS4 S3 (?) attacks on unit within range (12??).
5 ? Soul Stealer 10+ 12? range, Each model takes Strength 2 hit, No Armour Saves. Wounds go to caster (no more than double).
6 ? Black Horror 11+ Large template, Strength test or take a wound.


? Malekith
? Morathi
? Crone Hellebron (If taken, Witch Elves count as Core)
? Dreadlord
? High Sorceress


? Malus
? Shadowblade
? Sorceress
? ?Master?
? Hag Queen

Character Mounts:

Manticore: Still a mount option. Each turn has to pass a Ld test or becomes frenzied. If rider is killed it automatically suffers the ?Raaargh? result ? no test needed.

Dark Pegasus: Sorceresses can now be mounted on Dark Pegasus.

Cauldron of Blood: 110pts mount for Hag Queen. No mention of being immobile, so can move. All Khainite units within 12? are stubborn. Each turn 1 unit within 24" can gain an ability from the list below:
? +1 Attack
? 5+ Ward Save
? Killing Blow
This cannot be stopped/dispelled and lasts until the start of the next DE players turn.


Dark Elf Warriors: 6pts basic, Shields (1pt), can have magic banner (25pts).
Dark Elf Crossbowmen: 10pts basic, Shields (1pt).
Corsairs: 10pts, can exchange 1 hand weapon for handbow for free, 2nd handbow costs 3pts, no shield option. Fleeing enemies roll 3D6 and use lowest.
Dark Riders: 17pts basic, Repeater crossbows (5pts), Shields (1pt ? no fast cavalry). Herald has BS5 and A2!
Harpies: Don?t count towards minimum core. 5-10. Don?t cause panic in friendly units, but can use generals leadership.

Assassin: Neither Core, nor Hero. 90pts, always hidden in unit (pretty much any DE infantry). Has poisoned attacks, 75pts allowed from Gifts of Khaine, Additional Hand Weapon 6pts, Repeater handbow 9pts. 1 per unit.


Witch Elves: 10pts, WS4, I6. 2 hand weapons, frenzied, poisoned attacks.
Shades: 16pts, WS and BS5, can be upgraded to have 2 hand weapons or a great weapon. Can also take light armour.
Executioners: 12pts, S4, Great Weapons, Killing Blow.
Cold One Knights: 27pts, 1A, Stupidity.
Cold one Chariot: 100pts, T5 3+ Armour Save, Ld 9.
Black Guard: 13pts, Stubborn, ItP, Ld 9.

Special characters bought as Unit Champions.

Black Guard character has Crimson Death, and makes his unit unbreakable.
Executioner character makes his unit cause Fear.


Reaper Bolt Thrower: 100pts, 2-for-1, no longer suffers -1 for multiple shots.
Hydra: 175pts, 5 wounds, Regeneration. Breath weapon has strength equal to number of wounds left.

Gifts of Khaine (main changes):

Shurikens: 3x Multiple Shots, Strength +1, 8?.
Rune of Khaine: +D3 attacks.
Venom Sword now Gift of Khaine (1 per army!)
Cloak containing Steed of Shadows bound spell. Power Level 3 (1 per army!).

Black Lotus: Re-roll 1?s to wound.
Dark Venom: All wounds caused in challenges (if enemy killed) are doubled for combat resolution.

Magic Items (changes to current items):

Deathmask now enchanted.
Seal of Ghrond now enchanted.
Crimson Death now cheaper (25pts).
Lifetaker now 30? range, Strength 4, 3x multiple shots, hits on 2+ (no re-roll to wound).
Armour of Darkness now 1+ (without shield).
Armour of Eternal Servitude: 35pts, Heavy Armour, Regen.
Ring of Hotek: 12? range.
Black Amulet: 70pts, 4+ Ward (against all attacks). Rebound in close combat.
Banner of Nagarythe: Cheaper, 125pts.
Dread Banner: Cheaper, 40pts.