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Phil Kelly is working on this supplement that has been rumored since last year. ~There are no timelines on it, but earlier rumors placed it sometime in 2009.

Plastic Valkyrie
This long rumored kit is still said to be a possibility, but not definite. Phil kelley said that GW has the technical know-how to produce the kit, and that there is simply a business case to be made for putting it into production. ~Earlier rumors had placed the Plastic Valkyrie alongside Plastic Stormtroopers as part of the upcoming IG release schedule.

Scenario Book
With the dearth of mission vairey inthe 5th Edition book, this one seems like a no brainer. GW is considerering a scenario book with additional missions and possibly a campaign system. No production work has begun. ~This is a very old rumor that has reared it head again after many months of silence.

40k Movie
Black Library in response to an audience question replied (paraphrasing): "Well, hypothetically, there could maybe be a direct to DVD release of some kind of CGI movie with Ultramarines next year. Maybe." The quality of said effort was described as being on the same level as the Dawn of War II cutscenes. Essentially the Black Library presenter made clear that something is in the works, while issueing no guarantees as to whether it would ever be finished, or released, much less an actual timeline.

~That is a lot of good stuff in there guys, have at it. I'm not going to jump up and down yet in regards to a 40k movie. We have all seen these efforts come and go inthe past, but I'm happy GW is still pursuing the overall concept.

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"Se mide a un hombre por sus victorias y se le juzga por sus derrotas"
"A man is famous when people point and remark, He was born there. He is great when they gather to cry, Here he died.

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sep, yo tengo dos trailers

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