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Aeronautica Imperialis
« en: 23 de Junio de 2006, 22:29:24 »
So what is it then? �Aeronautica Imperialis� is the name of our new game of aerial combat in the 41st millenium currently in development. It is a complete, stand alone game using the existing Forge World Epic 40,000 aircraft range, with additional new models we are now working on. �Aeronautica Imperialis� is far more than just dog-fighting; there will be bombing missions, intercept sorties, troop insertions and extractions, strike missions, as well as pure air-to-air, fighter-vs-fighter combat. �Aeronautica Imperialis� will be a large format hardback book, containing all the rules, aircraft datasheets, manouvere cards and scenarios needed to play the game. Of course there will be lots of background information on each of the aircraft in this big book, as well as many colour profiles and �photos� of them locked in deadly combat. Imperial Navy players will be able to fly missions using Thunderbolts, Lightnings, Marauders and Marauder Destroyers. Imperial Space Marines provide some heavy support with their huge Thunderhawk Gunships and Transporters while facing off against the fighters and bombers of the Tau, Eldar, Orks and Chaos. We�ve also designed a new plastic flying base for the aircraft to use that cleverly shows arcs of fire as well as keeping track of the speed and altitude too. I�ve watched quite a few games now and played a couple during play-testing and I really enjoyed it. Each of the different airforces do have their own �character� and have to be used in quite different ways. Just don�t let an Ork Fighta get up close behind you is all I can say! �Aeronautica Imperialis� should be released later this year and we promise to keep everyone up to date with it�s progress via the Forge World Newsletter.
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