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First Hand Accounts of one Mordechai Konal, embedded reporter in the Medusa V PDF, Third Regiment, located in the Raffaelo�s Spine region; Battlezone Hydra.

It's like nothing you've ever seen! I'm standing here on the edge of what PDF units are calling 'The Vent.� Behind me, beyond the smoke and fire is simply nothing... This nothing, this absence, is the broken void in the Imperial Heart, is what used to be Ice Station Alpha.

Currently nothing more than a hole in the bedrock, we bear witness to the edges of a monstrous crack in the earth almost two kilometers in diameter, with its center the last known location of the mighty Ice Station. On-scene surveyors can make little headway against the debris, but Commissarial Sources have revealed that this absolute destruction was caused by the heretical xenos known as the Tau. Even as we speak, heroic Guardsmen line up by the score to mount rescue attempts into the Vent, but even the casual observer can see no one could possibly survive this heinous attack. I have also been informed that even the legendary Adeptus Astartes have pledged their strength in scouring the burning rock for survivors, and vengeance upon the Tau for their perfidy.

Lava flows continue to rush from the Vent with no signs of abating. Cracks in the earth stretching as far as the Spine even now spill molten hot rock in burning streams. Civilians are urged to remain calm and stay at their posts. Imperial fleet elements are moving even now to ward off more Xenos assaults from above!

Agents of His Holy Inquisition have revealed the details of a most malevolent plot, called "the Hammer�. It is now known that the Tau captured a asteroid from the outreaches of the system and dragged it to Medus V orbit before sling shotting it toward the surface. Detection was impossible due to sabotage by Chaos renegades assaulting the Hell�s Crucible facility and by a as yet unknown Tau device known as the �Shade Field.� This �field� masked the asteroids approach, preventing any kind of detection until it�s final moments when atmospheric contact caused the device to fail.

We also know from final transmission that a last-ditch effort to stop the Hammer was attempted by Mechanicus Enginseers. Overloading many of the Ice Station�s lance arrays they managed to strike at the Hammer, but fatefully succeeded only in turning the single asteroid into a shower of fragments that overloaded the void shields and impacted on the base directly.

The warriors of Ice Station Alpha gave their lives in service to Humanity, and will be welcomed with honor at the Emperor's side.

Current morale among Imperial forces is difficult to judge. Many Guardsmen are still recovering from the shock of this most inhuman assault, and Marine forces are redeploying swiftly, as is their nature. The higher echelons of the Guard have promised bloody vengeance however, already probing for Tau fall back positions and ready to deliver judgment on this most foul species.

Gracias, Gracias esto si que se puede decir que es hacer algo por el Tau'va y agradescan que perdi con el Alto Mando en la votacion de donde Tirarla